Our service offerings, designed so that you can mix and match. Contact us for more details.

Bespoke Web Development
Bespoke: what does that mean? To us it means an application tailored to your specific business need

Your business needs mean that you need to build something that lies outside the realms of simple websites or e-commerce solutions.

You want data-rich applications, need to expose information for analysis, or need a business specific data dashboard. The list here is long and varied.

We're available to support whatever you need, whether that's just some advice or full design, build and management. With 20 years experience building applications to support any business need, you're in good hands. You bring the requirements, we deliver the results.

Our process, based on industry best practices, follows a simple formula, but at the heart of it is communication with you, your business, and the people who will be using the application.

Site Design and Build
Simple templated CMS solutions for all, whether that's just to get up and running or for full e-commerce deployments to support your business.

You’re on the market for a new website, or maybe you just need a refresh of your current site. You might know exactly what you want, or maybe you don’t and want advice. Whatever your needs are, we will have a solution that caters for them.

Our CMS-driven and e-commerce sites come in two distinct flavours: Database Driven or Static Generated. Each type has their own advantages.

Our CMS team is fully available to support whatever you and your business needs. We’re happy to give advice if that’s all that is needed, but we do have a full design and build service tailored to support any business need.

Mobile Web and Apps
You're looking for a mobile app to compliment your business needs, either from a store or direct from you.

Mobile apps come in many different guises now and now no offering seems complete without a one.

Our Mobile App service can provide your business with an app where you control where your users can get it from, be that the Apple App Store, Google Play, or direct from your website. This means that you can go native if you must, but a progressive web app is the current force du jour.

The techonology choices that we have available make it possible to design and create a mobile app at the same time as we're building your website.

If native is more your thing, then using the powerful NativeScript platform, we can build one app to target both major stores.

Cloud-based Web Applications
We're moving into an era where standard hosting just isn't good or cost effective enough to house your multi-tier web application.

Building infrastructure on a cloud provider can be confusing. There are lots of services on offer and it's not easy to determine the best fit for your organisation, or even if cloud services are suitable for your application.

Our web applications team has the benefit of many years actively working with large organisations and their cloud deployments, so we can guide, design and deploy a suitable cloud strategy for your application.

At our disposal are a number of tools, including Terraform for infrastructure creation and deployment, claudia.js for serverless deployments, or managed services at Heroku or DigitalOcean that we can use to house the application that you want us to create.

If you want something more than online courses; Group and 1 on 1 training sessions are available

Why recruit when you can nurture your own in-house talent? We offering training in a number of different technologies that range from basic "how to get started" to more advanced, indepth language specific training.

Our accomplished trainers can help your team with:

  • Web Basics
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Working with Node.js
  • Leveraging the SPA revolution with React.js, Vue.js or Angular
  • Fullstack JavaScript
  • Using Elm to bring order to your frontend
  • PHP: from Novice to Master.
  • Intro to Functional Programming with JS

Accelerate your team's growth with comprehensive training courses.

Bespoke Services
Not everything we can offer is on book. If you're not seeing something that you need, then please call

We have far more skills in-house than we can actively promote. This means that we can cater for almost any request you might have, and if we don't then we can probably put you in contact with someone who can.

Some of the specialist or stand-alone services that we can offer on request are:

  • In-house Consultation
  • Hosting
  • Project Management
  • System Analytics
  • SEO

We offer these on request as they are usually integral to the service packages that we offer, so if you take a different service from us, you'll get these anyway.

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