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Better Web Apps with Elm

Worried about runtime exceptions or performance with your JavaScript? Transform the way you think about how you build web applications, using Elm, a refreshingly different way to frontend application development.

The Elm language gives you a clean syntax, a no-nonsense architecture, dependable libraries, JavaScript interoperability, a compiler that helps you and compiled code that runs in any browser.

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Higher Order JavaScript

You've been working with JavaScript for a while. You know how to build a class hierarchy and you know your arrow functions from your IIFE's, but something is missing. Your async/await is a little off and you don't know what's going wrong.

By using JS in an object orientated way, you're missing out on a bunch of great tools and shooting yourself in the foot at the same time. Your enemy is mutablilty.

Our Higher Order JavaScript course gives you tips and tricks that prevent issues found in OOP and mutable code by teaching you how to work in JS the functional way. We'll help break down the barriers and dispell a few myths and get your code working in a predictable, maintainable way.

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HTML for the Uninitiated

Learning to code for the internet can be daunting, even finding out where to start returns millions of search results. If you don't know your HTML's from your JS's, then this is the course for you.

We start by teaching the real basics in plain English before moving on to the stuff that you really need to know, if you want to explore the exciting worlds of web design or web development. We'll demonstrate best practices for setting out your page structure, how to progressively add visual interest using CSS and then finally adding behaviours to the page with JavaScript. We'll round off by introducing you to the latest frameworks that aim to make life easier.

This course will give you a rock solid foundation that you can build a career on.

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