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Carphone Warehouse

Pinpont & other tools - Retail for the 21st Century

We've had the fortune to work with Carphone Warehouse (or more lately Dixons Carphone) for a number of years on mulitple projects, all high profile - like Pinpoint which you can see used in stores up and down the country or the currys.co.uk search tool, and internal tools to help their business flow better.

Pinpoint is one of a new breed of sales aids used by the in-store sales teams all over the UK and the product is being sold to the US.

The application allows store colleagues to select the right deal for the customer across all the available deals within the UK.

Internally, we've built tools to help streamline the mobile phones returns process the their warehouses, providing communication channels between disparate systems; also building systems that afford data transfer between 3rd party shops and mobile providers.

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Massive Corporate Rebrand & Moving Toward Compliance

We've worked with Plusnet a few times over the years. Each project that we've had the fortune to take part in has been interesting; from helping with the "Joe" rebrand to assisting in the management of the processing around account suspensions, each project had its own unique challenges.

The initial Joe rebrand for consumer accounts merged into the same for the B2B side of the business, the first Plusnet Pink, the latter Blue.

Like all large consumer based organisations, Plusnet has a large amount of internal tooling that ocassionally needs to be overhauled, augmented or modernised, and some of the work that we've undertaken has been to do just that.

One of these new tools helps the customer services team migrate accounts between the Plusnet brands to solve issues should any arise.

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Mobile-based Social Platform

Sknnt is a mobile platform aiming to allow Millenials to montise their social media feeds and provide a safe place to exchange goods, services and ideas.

The application has been designed for an English-speaking, but predominantly American market, this is a joint venture with the interface design and marketing happening in the US and the application design and development here.

Utilising the powerful NativeScript framework, the major Andriod and iOS platforms can be targeted using the same codebase, reducing development time and maintainence cost. This coupled with robust data management and event queuing system means that we can scale quickly once we're out to market.

Expected to be available Summer 2020

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FreeSpirit Dance School

Multi-faceted service delivery via multi-channel

We had originally only been bought on board to build a web property, in this case a small website with simple facebook and instagram integrations.

Since then, we've been asked to design and develop a mobile application that they can use to supplement their dance school activities.

For this we're utilising the powerful NativeScript framework, so we can target the major Andriod and iOS platforms using the same codebase, reducing development time and maintainence cost. The application itself will be rolled out to a limited, tightly controlled audience due to the nature of the content and the usership.

Expected to be available Summer 2020

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My Million to One

A charity needed something special

The founder of My Million to One chariry came to us at the absolute end of her tether. Having been messed around by freelance agency after freelance agency and running low on funds, she finally found us.

After talking to us about the aims of her charity and the absolutely poor state her project had been left in, we picked her up and set about rebuilding her project and her belief in herself.

Aiming at providing a fun experience to the users of the site, we used the provided designs to create gaming elements, akin to the mobile click mystery games you can find in your local friendly app stores, to bring site sponsor donated services to the attention of the player in an entertaining way.

The site itself was well ahead of its time and provided an interesting challenge.

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Fantasy and Horror Author

This site was built for a writer friend of ours. It showcases all her work, including the ability to buy her books direct.

Fran already had a website, but she admitted that it was looking tired and dated. She wanted a new fresh look to accompany her fantasy novels and other writings, somewhere people could come for inspiration and information as well as to buy her novels.

After a while, Fran came back to us to create a blog in the same style and integrate it neatly and seamlessly within the theme of the site.

Services used:

Site Design and Build
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Data services and information management

We worked with BJSS on a couple of projects: Rebranding Plusnet and Data provision for the NHS.

In this case, our consultation efforts were restricted to providing in-house services to each of the end clients, where we liased with the project teams to help them complete on time and in budget.

Services used:

Bespoke Services
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Orange Digital

Rebranding Orange & T-Mobile to EE

We we with Orange Digital right around the time when Orange and T-Mobile merged to become EE. We helped out with the build of the new ee.co.uk website, building software that sat between the databases and the CMS to ensure that load was managed effectively and that only available databases were communicated with. This was supplementary to the infrastructure load balancers.

We also worked on a number of in-house projects across the various teams there.

Services used:

Bespoke Services
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