Site Design and Build

Simple templated CMS solutions for all, whether that's just to get up and running or for full e-commerce deployments to support your business.

You’re on the market for a new website, or maybe you just need a refresh of your current site. You might know exactly what you want, or maybe you don’t and want advice. Whatever your needs are, we will have a solution that caters for them.

Our CMS-driven and e-commerce sites come in two distinct flavours: Database Driven or Static Generated. Each type has their own advantages.

Our CMS team is fully available to support whatever you and your business needs. We’re happy to give advice if that’s all that is needed, but we do have a full design and build service tailored to support any business need.

Our service builds on many years industry experience, but follows some simple tenants: listen to what you, the client, want to achieve; make relevant suggestions to help you achieve these aims; agree the best possible way to get to where you’re going and then build the application to help you get there.

Three Flavours

Being able to offer Static Generated, Database Driven and Hosted E-commerce services means that we can be adaptable around your business needs. Each flavour offers something different to the mix and we will guide you through the choices to ensure that we're providing the most appropriate for you.

Static Generated

Statically generated sites are ideal for the small business trying to get their feet wet online.

Built on Gatsby.js, a Static Generated site gives you:

  • Modern web tech without the headache
  • Access to headless CMSs, SaaS services, APIs, databases, your file system, and more
  • Scalability to the entire internet effortlessly with near instant delivery
  • A future-proofed and progressive web app
  • Full Training Provided
Basic Web App prices start at £500
E-commerce Web App prices start at £1500

Database Driven

Tried and tested platforms for CMS driven sites and e-commerce using trusted and stable platforms. Our base platforms include Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal and Magento.

There are numerous base options available, where the following apply:

  • Fully Dynamic
  • Choice of data backend
  • Templated responsive UI
  • Fully responsive
  • Full Training Provided

Database Driven services include response template integration, SSL certificate and a years free hosting*. Any prices quoted also include full initial data set if required.

* maximum included template value of £50, difference charged. A hosting fee will apply after 1st years hosting.

Starting prices for each platform:
Wordpress £449
ExpressionEngine £525
Drupal £599
Magento £2000

Hosted E-commerce

Our hosted e-commerce product centres on building your business a unique shopping experience that slots seemlessly into your web and mobile interfaces. Using shopify's custom API's we can embed these to build your business in the way that you need.

Shopify prices start at £2500
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