Sknnt (Mobile & Website & Project)

Q SpenceOwner

I have been really pleased throughout the process of building my mobile application.

As a customer from the US, communication is key and I have been kept up to date will everything.

Not only do I have a robust application that targets both major platforms, but a management area to monitor all activity and a way to grow.

Dixons Carphone (Consulting)

Rob WhittleSoftware Development Manager

Clive is a really experienced Software Engineer who always produced extremely high-quality work during his time at Dixons Carphone. Working in a very fast-paced environment, Clive regularly delivered on-time whilst exceeding client expectations.

I often utilised Clive as the lead developer on projects, with a remit to oversee the high-level architecture design. Clive is an excellent communicator and always works well in a team, including with more junior developers.

Clive has got a huge depth of experience and is very quick to pick up new technologies and challenges. During my time working with Clive we built applications using php and LAMP as well as various projects on a MEAN stack.

I’d honestly say that Clive is one of the strongest developers I’ve worked with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Plusnet (Consulting)

Chetna AroraDomain Manager

I wanted to take this moment and thank you for your hardwork, dedication and flexibility in picking all categories of work.

You worked on multiple projects not just Billing and it has been a learning experience for us.

I am quite proud of what we achieved as a team, be it getting billing suspensions down or delivering P1D1, root cause fixes for suspensions or helping test Pricing Refresh (Res). Great team work.

LateTooms (Consulting)

Michael CropperSenior Data Analyst/SEO Specialist

Clive is dedicated to programming and can think through solutions fully before undertaking them. Having worked with him on a large programming/database project he always kept people up to date on the progress of work and explained key information throughout.

My Million To One (Website & Project)

Alana HurdOwner

After a ton of misadventure and a load of wasted money, I came across these guys. Clive, the CTO, took on my project personally, saved it and raised my self-confidence without measure. I can't recommend these guys highly enough.

Phone: +44 (0)7815 166434Email: clive@distortedthinking.agency